Our mission is to help your entity achieve its investment goals

Anchoring you to the Roots of Success

Using our eight step investment process along with strong research capabilities, we focus in on the property sector both locally and globally so as to optimize yield and capital growth. With the complexities that each client brings to the table, we are attentive to their specific needs and look to achieve their unique investment goals. Yet it is the diversity in our team that helps us understand and deliver innovative solutions.

Fund Objective

Being a specialist in the property sector allows us to have deep insights in identifying the key themes that drive both local and offshore property. The fundamental objective of the fund is to maintain the high growth rate of the yield and have sustainable capital growth rates over a medium to long-term horizon. Our segregated or pooled portfolio is based on your preferred risk and return parameters. The funds looks to outperform the JSE/FTSE All Property Index.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

As conscious investment managers, we go beyond an approach of ticking of boxes with all matters regarding the environment, the society we work within and the governance that manages the companies we invest in. Our ESG policy provides a framework where we use our 8 Factor investing process that is informed by an ESG score. The sourcing of constituents for the ESG rating is critical and is in partnership with the best in the burgeoning industry. This allows us to sample the latest and globally competitive data which is enhanced by our intellectual know how and experience. All of this culminates in a competitive yet sustainable returns in your portfolio.