Being part of the solution to humanity’s needs is integral in our DNA

Change Agents

As long-term asset managers that seek to change our society, we are inherently aware of the deep societal challenges and we are aware of our responsibility to be a change agent. Hence, we support initiatives that look to have a lasting impact on society. We do this through MSM Foundation which supports initiatives that transform peoples lives on a daily basis. We believe in making a societal change rather than an economical change as the former has a greater impact in communities. Below is a list of the main programs that we support.


The company uses technology to enhance educational content and offering in Early Childhood Development (ECD). They do this in order to bridge the education divide amongst children from low income households. They firmly believe that inequalities in internet connectivity and device ownership should not limit children’s exposure to technology, good quality education and quality ECD content. Using donated mobile devices loaded with Educational App both teachers and children access important ECD content. They empower the teachers with effective teaching methodology and assist the children to become tech savvy boosting their ability to read, write, spell and do Maths. As a woman, Carol Dlamini (founder), believes that women change the very fabric of society in terms of education using devices in the early stage of development for our society thereby changing the course of the country.

Paying It Forward

‘Paying It Forward’ is an initiative aimed at providing youth that demonstrate interest and promise within the Investment Industry with tools and expertise. We leverage the vast experience of our team to lend a helping hand to those trying to break into and learn more about the industry.

We also look to train tomorrows leaders through the knowledge and experience we posses.

Kgololo Academy

The school (based in Alexander Township , Johannesburg) is inspired by the success of the education reform movement in the US. Schools like KIPP and Uncommon Schools have proven what is possible in low-income communities. The co-founders (Waahida Tolbert-Mbatha and Thulani Mbatha) are building a school that leverages many of their effective practices in a way that is consistent with the South African context.
Kgololo Academy serve as a model of excellence in South Africa, providing students from low-income communities with an exemplary, university preparatory education.